Stink at nothing. Most performance socks stink even with minimal use. The Athlos training socks are built with an anti-odour technology, a feature our products have come to be known for. Our training sock resists sweat odour even after a day of heavy use. We know it because we tested it the hard way, training throught the humidity of Bombay.

  • Men's: Bamboo Socks

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Given our experience with bamboo, it was the automatic fabric choice for the socks. With our understanding of knitting natural fabric with performance fibers, we blended it with polyamide to up the performance and the drying rate. The result is a weave that betters the comfort of the socks while holding up to the performance needed when you train.




Like your favorite well-worn sweats, the training socks are super-soft right out of the box. And yes, like most of our bamboo apparel the training socks soften with each wash.