Outdoor trails yielding to neighborhood walks, weekend getaways making space for local cycling rides, and everyday commutes graduating to everyday chores. The adventures have been moving ever so close to home. Cue in the Athlos Convertible Pants: Lightweight, quick-drying, and featuring a 4-way stretch, the pants are equipped to keep your adventurous spirit going.

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The convertible pants are built to help you tackle the fickleness of nature. Warm and sunny: zip-off to make an airy trail-short. Cold and windy: pair with base leggings for extra insulation. Rains, snow, slush: the quick-drying knit keeps you dry on the go.




While addressing the design needs for the convertible pants, we also wanted to ensure minimal environmental impact. And the answer lied in Econyl, our favorite performance fabric. Made completely from recycled ocean waste, the convertible pants pack a sustainable performance.




The 4-way stretch makes them super-comfy on your legs, while five practical pockets pack multiple uses for the same garment. And unlike the bulky pants weighing your closet, the lightweight fabric doesn't weigh you down. Ideal for long indoor-days to multiple days of cruising outdoors, our versatile convertible pants have the answers for all your needs.

Customer Reviews

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David Pilgrim
Excellent design and extremely comfortably

I was looking for lightweight clothing for trekking in Ladhak. These convertible pants were made for the job. Light, flexible, and very functional.

If I was going to recommend anything, it would be to add a zip on the front pocket to secure phone etc. It felt a bit vulnerable when crossing streams. (I appreciate there is a zipped pocket on the leg, but I found the flapping of the phone against my leg irritating).

Overall, I highly recommend these pants, and will be getting spare pair when other colours become available in my size.

Roshan Sam
Not ideal for warmer weather

The pants are great - a lot more sturdy than I anticipated. One gripe I have with it - the front pockets and back pocket are flaps - and they’re big. So wearing it feels like you’re wearing an extra thick underwear - two flaps in the front, one at the back. Really reduces breathability. I wore it around Goa(hot and humid weather) recently and it was not fun. It really defeats the purpose of it being convertible if it is still so hot. On the flip side, I guess it would feel extra cosy in cold weather.

Most trekking pants solve this by having the back pocket bulge externally, and using light mesh clothing for the front pockets. Hoping Athlos fixes this in the next iteration.

Hi Roshan,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Men's Convertible Pants. We appreciate your feedback and we're glad to hear that you found the pants sturdy.

We apologize for any discomfort you may have experienced while wearing them in warmer weather. We understand your concern about the design of the pockets reducing breathability. We will definitely take this into consideration for our future designs.

We hope you will give our pants another try in colder weather, as they are designed to provide extra warmth and comfort. Thank you for choosing Athlos and we hope to see you again soon.

Team Athlos

Dhawal Pandya
Very good product

Very good product , fabric and fitting. Value for money.

Akshay Alampalli
Good fabric

Good quality

Rudresh Punekar
Very comfortable

As described it’s truely all day wear. It’s very comfortable and light. One suggestion, a zip on one of the pockets will be helpful.