Why do you guys use bamboo fabric?
Because bamboo is an awesome fiber. Technically, it’s one of the softest fabrics in the world and one of the easier fabric to dry without using harsh chemicals. It stretches naturally to offer flexibility. Further, it wicks moisture off your body to make you more comfortable. Environmentally, we believe bamboo blends are better product than pure cotton. Unlike cotton, which requires massive amounts of water to grow, bamboo requires almost no irrigation. While we know that there is physical and chemical processing required to weave bamboo into cloth, we believe bamboo offers a better alternative to petroleum based fabrics like polyester and nylon. Our Bamboo fabric is eco-processed, cellulose-based and derived from responsibly managed, sustainably grown forest plantations

What are the care instructions for the shirts?
We recommend that you wash the shirts in cold water and hang dry. We got great results with Surf excel detergent. If the fabric has some wrinkles it evens out when you wear the shirt, however if you decide to iron the shirt, do it at low setting and do not iron the reflective strip on the back. Those of us who ignore the care instructions have found that the shirt still fits roughly the same.

When will you offer more products?
We are currently developing several new product concepts and will be testing very soon. Do you have a product idea? Want to beta test our current product and help us improve our design? Email us at




What are the benefits of having 4 way stretch in the fabric ?
For our latest design, we have added a 4-way stretch which gives your shirt the extra mobility. This helps to increase your comfort and range of motion while you exercise.

What are the benefits of moisture wicking fabric?
Moisture wicking fabric wicks or pulls moisture away from your body to help keep you dryer. Wicking fabric also helps to keep you cool by pulling the moisture from your skin and then releasing it for evaporation.

What are benefits of Flatlock seams?
Flatlock seams are comfortable, flexible and strong. Flatlock seams also have fewer layers and help to reduce chafing during workouts. We have completely eliminated underarm seams to avoid chafing and irritation in underarms. The seams start breaking in and get softer after couple of washes . 

What is the rationale behind reflective logo on the back?
While interviewing our users, we found a lot of users run, jog, cycle during low light conditions like early morning or late evening. We added the reflective logo for extra visibility in such conditions. We researched a lot of reflective materials before zeroing down on reflective design which look minimalistic yet reflect well in low light conditions.




What size shirt should I order?
Getting you in the right fit is our utmost priority. Sizing chart is on product page. We also suggest to take advantage of our hassle free returns, order multiple sizes and just return back the sizes you don't need.
If you are in between sizes our general advice is this: Size up if you want a roomier fit; size lower if you want a snugger fit. If you don’t trust charts, contact us and share your height, weight, body type and snugness preference and we’ll help you out.

Will your shirt shrink after washing?
If you follow our care instructions, your shirt will not noticeably shrink. Do not order your size based off of shrinkage. If you get lazy (like some of us do) and use dryer, you may see a little static shrinkage, but you’ll find that the shirt’s stretched length is basically the same.




How much will it cost to ship my order?
Our shirts ship for free within India. We haven't started shipping out of India yet.

Would I be charged immediately?
No. We are starting with PayuMoney. You will not be charged until you receive the shipment and release the payment via PayuMoney. This way you can be assured you won't be paying unless you receive the product. 

Do you ship internationally?
Not yet. We plan to start soon.

Do you offer COD?
No. Due to the unnecessary expenses and fake orders associated with COD, we don't offer COD. We pass on those savings to our users through fair pricing and investing in product improvements. 

When will my order ship and when should I expect to receive it? How is it packaged?
Orders once placed usually leave our warehouse within 4-5 business days. We use eco-friendly packaging for shipping our products. 



What is your return policy?
Athlos allows hassle free returns and exchanges for unused, unworn and unwashed merchandise within 15 days of purchase with no questions asked.  If the product we ship is defective we would cover your return shipping.

Before your return your item, you must contact us at to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#). If you send us a shirt without an RA#, we will not be able to process your return. Upon approving your return, we'll send you the RA#. You must ship your return to us within 5 days of receiving the RA number or we may not be able to process your return. Once we receive your item, we’ll process your refund.

Can I exchange items from my order?
If you have issues with sizing or selection we provide exchanges to get you the right product. 
If the size requested by you is not available then you will be given an option to avail store credit.

I think I received defective/wrong merchandise, what do I do?
If you believe that you have received defective merchandise or were shipped incorrect merchandise (style, size, color), please notify us including a picture of the defect. In most cases we'll be able to send out a replacement ASAP, but we only cover actual defects, not wear and tear. 
If the product we ship is defective we would cover your return shipping. If you have questions about defective product, please contact us at

When will my return be refunded?
Once your package has been received by us, your refund will be processed within 2 business days. We will inspect your returned item(s) and then contact you via email with the refund confirmation. Refunds may not show up on your card statement for up to four business days.