A serious upgrade to everyday essential

It's an age-old conundrum: what towel to carry for your sweaty workouts. Cotton? It gets heavy. 100% Polyester? Really! As runners, athletes, and gym enthusiasts we felt like we could make a workout towel with a real solution. So we set out to use our expertise in bamboo fabric and silver based anti-bacterial technology to craft the perfect workout towel for you.

The workout towel is constructed from a special weave of our Bamboo fabric, and built to ensure you get the same level of buttery softness you have come to expect from our product.

  • Rs. 297.00

    BUY 2 for Rs.397
  • The Workout Towel

  • Olive-Black Twin
    black twin
    washed black
    moss-rust twin
    snorkel-brick twin
    sky-moss twin
    rust twin
    snorkel blue
    brick red


Because the last thing you should worry about is bacteria based infections on your sweaty pursuits and the towel reeking of sweat odour.