Our mission is to give you the most comfortable activewear for your workouts and beyond. We have a strict no "sweat-shop" approach to manufacturing. We control the entire process right from working with our mill owners for the right fabric to our factory to ensure the right fit and quality.

Quality activewear is really hard to make, In our initial phases of production, we worked with different vendors across India to produce a single T-shirt. The process was painful and we had an inventory loss at every step and also had trouble agreeing with the quality of vendors. Those were early days. In an attempt to move to a high-quality vendor, we met with every major factory in Mumbai and Bangalore. We were impressed by the workmanship here and the work friendly environment created for the factory workers in our current unit. We visit this facility three times a week to check up on production and quality control pieces.

what this means for you

Our apparel will get even better. Your workouts will get even better. We’ll listen to your feedback and create products that deliver you that experience. There’s nothing complicated about it. Good activewear, great outcome.