It all started when I took a sabbatical to travel around the world. With plans for trail running, hiking, and cycling on my travels, I packed appropriate activewear. Or so I thought. By the end of the trip, most of my apparel felt irritating on the skin and retained a pungent odor even after multiple washes. Also, the shiny plasticky look of most of the athletic apparel I was carrying didn't suit my understated dressing style.

This experience left me amazed at how hard it was to find activewear that was comfortable on the skin, yet stylish. The explanation was pretty simple. Most brands use petroleum-based synthetic fabrics like 100% polyester in their products. Synthetic fabrics make good business sense, but they are also harsh on the skin and don't breathe well.

And so the journey began with the help of a few friends in 2015 – to improve the landscape of athletic apparel one piece at a time. It was as an opportunity to build the activewear brand we all wanted but couldn’t find. Our mission is to deliver a fresh perspective on activewear that is driven by thoughtful design and inspiring an active lifestyle.

We want to build gear that keeps you comfortable in your sweaty pursuits and is designed to stand up to the demands of the city, the gym and everywhere in between. We promise that everything about the Athlos experience — the apparel, stories, experiences, shipping times et al. — will keep getting radically better.

- Pravin Dhake


Amidst the chaos of our startup environment and the grind to build Athlos,
we stand by a few guiding principles, come rain or shine.


We hope to create and empower a community that shares our belief about fitness, travel, and an active lifestyle.


Our smallest actions to our biggest decisions are driven with a long-term goal to build a sustainable brand.


We want to keep things simple by building a curated collection of activewear basics


We believe that good design is also as little design as possible. Yes, we love Dieter Rams.

Our small team of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts share a common passion for pushing boundaries. We know our users are nonconformists and love challenging conventions. We hope this philosophy is reflected in our brand and the choices we make.