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    Half a decade ago, cycling wasn’t the answer to health and happiness. It wasn’t even an option back then. The world chose fuel over burning fat and refused to break away from the monotony. However, there were a few cyclists who were already setting a trend on their fancy bikes. One of them happened to be Abhishek Tarfe, founder of VeloCrush India. He believes that things today are different and are finally changing for good.
    He believes that his cycling website VeloCrush India has catalysed in bringing this change on wheels. To provide you with more insights, we got in touch with Abhishek to take us through his five-year journey.




    Life itself is a struggle and nothing comes easy. With so much going on, you are likely to get carried away. After popping a year in Degree College, life seemed to be a struggle for Abhishek Tarfe. However, he didn't let this stop him. He decided to give his motor-bike a break and get back to something he truly enjoyed as a child, cycling.
    Since then, every morning he would wake up and relive those childhood moments. It helped him clear his head and think with a positive mind. Soon, he would cycle to college and other nearby places. With so much cycling, it was obvious he had to brag about his skills & stamina to his college mates. That’s when the idea to start a blog to promote cycling came into being and VeloCrush India was born.


    VeloCrush 2013


           2013: DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE


    After the birth of the blog, Abhishek discovered a hidden talent, his love for writing. While the bike moved his soul, words seemed to be the ideal medium to express it. He started writing about his experiences and that’s when more ideas started to bloom.
    With the intention to do more, he started writing to international and national cyclists, hoping to interview them. He began sharing tips, DIY's and a whole lot more on his newly launched blog. His goal to promote cycling across the Indian culture seemed to be working out. But that didn’t stop him from dreaming big. He wanted to do more.


    Velocrush 2014




    By now, people had started to realise the health benefits of cycling. As more cycling brands came down to India, people got a lot of options to choose from. It didn’t take Abhishek long to realise that he too had more to offer. His aim was always to have an E-magazine but only after his website VeloCrush India went live. He started ideating, researching on the layout, strategizing new ways and a whole lot more.
    Little did he know, it was the start of something big, something that the Indian cycling culture would benefit from.


    VeloCrush 2015




    Soon VeloCrush India dropped the blog spot extension and Abhishek got one step closer to his dream of promoting cycling. While you might assume life got simpler, it only got difficult with too many things to handle and not enough time. Managing a day-time job, taking care of his dog, finding time to cycle, assisting a 13-year-old with his love for cycling, meeting friends and other things, his daily ‘to-do list’ only seemed to increase.
    But that did not stop him either. He took every day as it came and did whatever he could all by himself. He adds, “Nobody is going to help you achieve your dream; you have to chase it all by yourself. So work hard when you are young and enjoy the rest of your life relaxing.”
    VeloCrush in 2016

    2016: NEVER GIVE UP!


    While the website drags over half a lakh page views monthly, Abhishek wanted to do more than just that. Besides providing updates, news, tips and other information, he intends to start his own Forum, E-shop and not to forget VeloCrush India’s E- magazine.
    So don’t hold back on your dreams and don’t shy away! Keep fighting to achieve your wildest dreams. It might not come fast, it might not be easy but it is possible if you keep fighting.


    Follow Abhishek's work of promoting cycling by clicking here: VeloCrush India

    If pictures are what you love, follow VeloCrush India on their Instagram account. They also feature your pictures, so don’t hesitate to click one and tag them.


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