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    Don’t you sometimes wish you could just pack your bags and have a quick getaway ? A quick, quiet and serene hiking trip is sometimes all you need to escape from the chaos of a city and replenish your energy reserves. This article is a first of a trilogy of Athlos picks for the closest and best getaways across Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore. We’ve ensured that these places are not too far from the city - a couple of hours by bus or car ride from the city and you can have access to some of the most amazing places for a trek.
    To kick off the series, here are four places close to Delhi that promise to be everything you’re looking for in an adventurous yet peaceful getaway.  


    Roopkund trek image

    Roopkund trek

    Distance from Delhi- 308 km's

    If you’re a trekking aficionado and haven’t visited the Roopkund trails yet, well, it’s time for you to pack your bags! From dense forests to vast meadows and alpine snow land, Roopkund is a dream trekking spot for anyone looking for an adrenaline kick and a scenic trekking spot close to the city.
    Roopkund (also known as ‘Skeleton Lake’ on account of the several hundred human skeletons found scattered in and around the lake) lies in the Garhwal Himalayas in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand and is a popular destination for hikers. Not only is the trek insanely exciting but also safe since the trails are wide and broad. Few trails in the country are as safe as the Roopkund trail for beginners.
    Aside from all the myth and mystery around the trek, Roopkund is the perfect example of beauty and adventure. Start a 5-day long trek from Lohajung, the heart of the great Himalayan range that is at an elevation of 3200 meters to finally reach Roopkund (approx. 5000 meters above sea level). Make sure you’re in good shape to undertake this trip so that you can enjoy the spectacular views that Roopkund has to offer without worrying about altitude-induced problems.
    The best time to get on this hike would be from mid-May to mid-June although winters work best if you want to experience the snow. Whatever the season, the weather in the mountains is delicately balanced, and can go from sunny to cloudy in minutes so ensure that you pack your monsoon gear as well.
    Chakrata hike


    Distance from Delhi- 311.5 km's
    Dehradun and Mussoorie being the most popular destinations, Chakrata, a quaint little spot 92 km from Dehradun and 73 km from Mussoorie, often goes unnoticed by trekkers.
    Developed by the British rulers, Chakrata rests in the cantonment area of Dehradun in Uttaranchal and lies untouched by commercial activities and tourists from the surrounding areas. Adding to the beauty of the place is Tiger falls (named so because of the sound it makes on hitting the rocks at the bottom) is a picturesque waterfall that anyone who goes to Chakrata must visit.

    Chakrata hike image

    charming lansdowne

    When in Chakrata, don’t forget to climb to Kharamba peak, the highest mountain in Chakrata with an altitude of around ten thousand feet. Chakrata has a lot to offer to nature lovers, trekkers, bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts and one can spend a long weekend soaking in nature’s hidden treasures and beauties. The area is yet to be commercialized and makes for a charming little destination. Covered by smog for most of the year, Chakrata is an absolutely divine spot for those looking to retreat into the quiet of the hills.

    lansdowne hike


    Distance from delhi-240 km's
    Just 5 hours away from Delhi, Lansdowne not only makes for a perfect weekend getaway but also offers umpteen trails for trekking. This hill station offers ample reasons for nature lovers to revel in its beauty and charm with a dense cover of thick oak trees and blue pinewoods, amidst wild flora and fauna. Soak yourself in the allure of Lansdowne’s magnificent surroundings while sipping on a cup of hot coffee or strap on your hiking boots and go exploring through one of the many hiking trails the place has to offer. Add to this the salubrious climate and the refreshing beauty of the surroundings and we’re sure that Lansdowne will soon be your number one choice for a tranquil vacation away from Delhi’s chaotic city life.
    Nag Tibba hike route

    Nag Tibba hike

    Distance from Delhi- 347 km's
    Nag Tibba is a choice destination for those craving a weekend adventure. There’s never a dearth of activities you can plan at the Nag Tibba - head out hiking in miles of greenery and explore virgin forests or climb 10,000 feet to devour a scenic view of the snow clad mountains or choose to camp under the blanket of starry skies- the perks of hiking on Nag Tibba trails are endless.
    Nag Tibba showcases breathtaking views of the Gangotri group of peaks, Bandarpoonch peak, the holy Kedarnath peak in the north, Doon valley and the snow covered peaks of Chanabang. If you’ve got a weekend on your hands then this one is comfortably doable. The long and tiring trek is more than adequately compensated for by these breathtaking views. For all the adventurous at heart, put Nag Tibba on your bucket list of weekend getaways.
    We hope you've enjoyed our list of hiking spots around Delhi. If you've been to any of these spots, we'd love to hear about your experiences. Tell us all about it or share your pictures with us in the comments section below. Also, stay tuned for our next article in the series- 'Hiking Trails around Mumbai' which we're going to publish soon!

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    Image courtesy Ashwin Bhakuni. Ashwin describes himself as a wonderer, wanderer and a dreamer. When not working at Flipkart as a product designer, he loves taking his Continental GT for a ride and venturing out into the forests. You can follow him on Twitter.

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