Distance runners are road warriors, especially in tropical climate. Embracing the heat and humidity is elemental, and so is cooling yourself quicker. Designed to perform at your best when Mother Nature is at her worst, the Distance tee is the solution to the problems that plague distance runners.

  • Women's: Distance Racer

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    stoic green
    Acai Racer
    Flamingo Racer


The Distance fabric marries a natural fiber with a high-tech polyester yarn. Stunningly soft and breathable, Eucalyptus fiber is the key to cooling you quicker. Whereas the technical yarn ups the drying rate. The result: a tee that feels fast and incredibly cozy, dries in a flash, and moderates heat. With its anti-odour tech, it's the distance tee you always wanted.


Crafted in our minimal style, the distance tee is cut for speed and flexibility. Because the Distance tee is intended to be worn against your skin, we use flatlock stitching to eliminate scratchy seams. It's built to enhance performance while being 100% legal.